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Audio Tragedi 10 Tracks To Hear This Month (Oct)

October 23, 2010 Leave a comment

So if you read my update (october update) you would realise that I haven’t had any time to put anything into my blog last month. So next month, begins alot of hard work to get audio tragedi back up and running!

1. Closer – Anberlin

With myself reviewing anberlin’s new album, i cant help but bring my favourite track into this months 10 (20) tracks. With a mellow beginning that crescendo’s into the build up of the verse to the brilliant chorus.

2. Forget You – Cee Lo Green

Brilliantly produced soul song with a kick. With the voice of Gnarls Barkley venturing solo, this is one funky soul song, that everyone needs to hear at least once. trust me.

3.  Off That – Jay-Z ft. Drake

“Welcome, To The, Future.” This should be the future of rap, forget everything you thought you knew about Jay-Z, and remember this song.

4. Feel Good Drag – Anberlin

The return of anberlin is imminent. So lets venture back to what made them great. No nonesence Alternative rock, with an incredible bass line towards the ends of the verse and a catchy as anything chorus, this is a gem from the back catalogue of the underated ego of anberlin. “I feel in love with your sin, Your littlest sin.”

5. My Circuitboard City – The Wombats

Another Classic, this time from Liverpool’s own the wombats. A very catchy song with typical indie rawness.

6. Down – Anberlin

Another anberlin song from their new album, this shows light from their previous albumwith “The Unwinding Cable Car”. An excellent reminder that they can make soft sounded and incredibly talented acoustic songs.

7. Saving Abel – Mississippi Moonshine

In Saving Abel’s new album, There’s alot of country essence. With their acoustical country feel to alot of them. I picked “Mississippi Moonshine” for simple reason. It has attitude, pure and simply. “Miss up to no good”

8. Projected Twin – I’ll Fall For Anything

It’s difficult to pick a great song to single out on Projected Twin’s debut album. So there will probably be alot more To follow next month. But “Fall For Everything” stands out as probably the only track with a punk feeling to it. This is a truly amazing debut. Review to come soon!

Download The Whole Album Here!

9. One Night Only – Say You Don’t Want It

Typical slice of indie gone pop here. which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. This song is brilliantly portrayed through the new york streets. With a hook to die for, this song definitely deserves to be on my 10 tracks this month.

10. Santana ft. Chad Kroeger – Into The Night

This song has crept back into my favourites the past two months. an absolute classic. that in itself is enough said.