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Projected Twin – Earth To World

November 3, 2010 Leave a comment

Audio Tragedi Album Review

Projected Twin – Earth To World 2010

Shaun Holton isn’t your traditional artist.

Essentially a one man band, the 24-year-old from Adelaide (South Australia) formed PROJECTED TWIN in late-2006. After spending his earlier years in bands, it became apparent his frustration in having to please the other members in the band stemmed his growth creatively as an artist.

“I had got to a point where I felt like I wasn’t really given a proper opportunity to create music without having to worry about 3-4 other people’s opinions or artistic flare being trampled on,” said Shaun. So was the birth of Projected Twin that allows Holton to create ‘band’ orientated music as a solo artist.

“I’ve always known what I wanted to hear. And beat boxing the drum part you hear in your head to your drummer doesn’t often get the results you were aiming for. So I just hit sticks together and plucked strings until I started hearing the sounds I wanted to hear”.

Which sounds like a brilliant formula to use.

After spending the most part of 2007 and 2008 performing full time all over the world including Oman, Thailand, Iraq, Indonesia and USA including a six-month residency at Dubai’s Hard Rock Café, Shaun returned to Australia with a renewed focus to cement his own blend of rock in what is to be his debut album.

This was to be; Earth To World.

We begin what seems like an epic journey with a ten minute fiasco, spanning from lounge esque music to a brand of heavy metal that chunks throughout the rest of the song that is “Post Secret”. Our first taste of “Earth to World”. The song begins extremely faintly; almost tip toeing on the album, quietly lulling you into the album and basically bringing the album to its grand beginning. “I walk across the dotted line”.

“I’ll Fall For Anything” is a perfect example of how many influences shaun used to create this album. With an essence of “Panic! At The Disco” Rhythm, this song cannot help but being very catchy and with a very prominent solo staying faithful to the base of the song; this is probably my favourite song on the album. “We Know its True” was the first single from the album, which I disagree with because its not the most ambiguous song on the album, however its still not at fault and still stays true to the album. The slow down however re-invents this song and is brilliant;”Tripping over each other”.

“Shark water” shows of Shaun’s Acoustic skills. However he said “I will probably not play this song [Shark Water] during live shows as its to difficult to re-create” which disappoints me slightly, as this song is a brilliant calm before the storm that is the rest of the album. As with “Redemption Away” another song that feels like the calm before the storm, also showing “Twins” brilliant picking qualities.

“Oh. The Drama” is a refreshing wake up. With a furious drum beat, a bass line to die for and of course not forgetting the ominous glow of synth sounds throughout.

“Try” and “Deny” are both the atypical songs of the album, “Try” is just the introduction to “Deny”. However I can see why he has done this, honing and showing his skills in the introduction not to ruin it with the main part of the song, I applaud him on this as few to many bands have done this.

The title track “Earth To World” starts of with a slow ambience for the best part of two minutes. Another song that produces Shaun’s skills to the world however with another acoustic driven song, which also begins with a saxaphone accompaniment.  This song in its essence is brilliant, bringing out and proving the full potential of Shaun Holton.

The final song “Circle of Two” starts of with female vocals, clearly a duo. However this song is not done to its full potential, the female vocalist as brilliant as she is just doesn’t go with Shaun’s voice. However ignoring that, this song is a brilliant adjournment to the album.

On a complete whole. “Earth To World” suprises me, as this sounds like a fully fledged master piece. Which is not something you can expect from an unsigned or even underground band. An extremely impressive debut. Without any doubts.


Songs to Download:

“Post Secret”, “I’ll Fall For Anything”, “Shark Water”.


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