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Audio Tragedi 10 Tracks To Hear This Month (August)

August 23, 2010 Leave a comment

So… Since I take a month to complete one of these 10 tracks I’ve decided to change it songs you need to hear this month! hope you like this installment!

1. The Hoosiers – Choices

With the seemingly undeniable new wave of indie pop nu wave etc. You can’t ignore this gem, with a very quiet and low introduction. Bring the chorus in and this is one huge track with no end to the brilliant keyboard work that’s set. Brilliant.

2. The Gaslight Anthem – The Spirit Of Jazz

With Gaslight returning this year with their third album, you would be tricked into thinking that they were the souls of blues. They’re not, but they’re damn close. This song is a perfect example, with a feet stomping chorus to Brain’s expertly roughed vocals.

3. Dead By April – Trapped

Brilliantly Produced, Dead by April have shown to people that they can bring pop melodies into the new wave of alternative metal, with heavy as hell guitar riffs to follow.

4. Jack’s Mannequin – Swim

This is a great song, for rock lovers and power ballad lovers alike. From their 2008 release “The Glass Passenger”, Jack’s Mannequin have something special with this song, definitely something to have on your ipod.

5. Vampire Weekend – Holiday

This song is brilliant to listen to, just the little quips of the guitar can only make you smile with good things to come.

6. We Have Band – Honeytrap

This song don’t break don’t make me. A talented trio who although predominately labelled in the brimful electro-pop genre – Honeytrap clambers into Hot Chip’s colourful Nike High Tops kicking in a repetitive and extremely memorable chorus, biting at the bit with indie disco potential.

7. Flyleaf – Beautiful Bride

This song does not relent from start to finish, with lacey’s lullaby voice settling your ears only slightly, then back to the relentlessness of the song.

8. Zico Chain – Bile ‘N’ Blood

Since this month we have a special on zico chain (FOUND HERE). We thought one song should at least be on our 10 tracks to hear. With no give, this song is an incredible chunk of zico chains power. A short but powerful blast of an incredible start to 2010.

9. YouMeAtSix – Underdog

Having given them a pretty poor review in may (FOUND HERE). I have to applaud this song for being a fiery pop punk anthem.

10. Adept – Shark! Shark! Shark!

With an incredible start to an even more spectacular finish, Adept have hit a string or two with this song. Actually, make that six of them and you have a pretty awesome thrash screamo song.