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You Me At Six – Hold Me Down

May 10, 2010 2 comments

Audio Tragedi Music Review

You Me At Six – Hold Me Down (2010)

Label: Virgin, Epitaph

See we have a problem with bands like this; they have a good catchy rhythm to them, lyrically brilliant… But I could be saying exactly the same thing about every other new wave punk rock band thats come out in the past four years. But lets forget that You Me At Six sound like other bands, lets look at this album standing on its own, as an original piece of music. You need to have a hearing problem if you don’t like the sound of “Underdog”, with its big leads and bigger than life chorus. A typical story is the album on a whole sounds like one big prepubescent cry for help. Their next single “liquid confidence” sounds like its been taken straight out a glee episode with the backing vocals. You made your points about your lady friends in “Take of your colours” why not leave it at that? To be honest if I was to try and sell this album i would sell it as “Take Of Your Colours Part 2”. I would rather you spend your money on their debut than this album, as the new material is simply not new, at least with colours the sound was fresh back then. Accidental Infidelity is to damn good a song to pass up however, having said that, YMAS need to go back to the drawing board, forget about trying to connect with your audience with songs about partying and girls, as you did that in your last album and you connected well. In my conclusion this album is great, its catchy. But i would not waste my time in buying it when they have a perfectly good album that sounds just like this in 2008.

RATING: 4/10

For Fans Of: Kids In Glass Houses, Boys Like Girls, Forever The Sickest Kids

Songs To Download: Underdog, Accidental Infidelity, Trophy Eyes