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Revolva Head – The Truth

August 24, 2010 1 comment

Audio Tragedi Album Review


Whether it’s the fact that I love underground bands, or the fact that “Revolva Head”  have something special here. With their no forgiveness punk tracks and their heavy grunge anthems, this is their debut 5 track promo “The Truth”;

“Live without fear” just brings the  whole album to it’s beginning, sounding very zico esque with the bends and relentless chugging throughout the verse. Maybe not quite as catchy of a chorus as their favourites, however lets not dismiss how catchy the tracks namesake is “I Can Do This, Live Without Fear”. The vocals seems slightly out, maybe this is me, maybe they’re on to something here, but it fits with the band perfectly.

“Don’t Ask How” brings us back to yesteryear where every punk band was trying to shine through, the ironic thing is if this was maybe released late nighties early naughties then “Revolva Head” could of had some major backing, unfortunately, this has been made now, which dampens it slightly.

“Bass is always an easy instrument to learn” everyone says. Of course it is, but it doesn’t work out to well if you can’t actually make a hook that people are going to keep going back to and listening to intently. Which is exactly what Jonny (Bassist / Vocals) has done here. “The Truth” has the most catchy and terrifying bass line that I have heard in a long time. Of course, this is their title track, and rightly so. Catchy chorus with an incredible guitar riff bridging the chorus to the verse. “Go away, Get Away, No one’s listening to you”. The drumming fits perfectly with this song to. Let’s not forget the solo which is incredibly hard to pull off in a grunge track, but was done with ease. This song is actually out of place with the rest of the album, and if they released this song successfully I can’t see why they wouldn’t be able to sell out arenas in the next few years.

Lyrically, “RH” are lacking, never say never, this is their first release. Which is, by the way, a 5 track promo and it can be understandable that they’re lyrically blunt. However you could totally disregard my last statement, as a lot of bands have shown the same lyrical downfall and yet these days are making everything for themselves (I’ve always found that 30STM have a lot lacking in their lyrics) so lets not get disheartened by this just yet. Criticism is constructive.

“The fake ones” can be branded as a typical fill for a CD, nothing really caught my attention on this song. But then my ears picked up when we got to the ambiance of the guitar in the slow down, which sounded almost perfect. So I stop the track, and rewind to the beginning, and actually listen to it. The bass is still on a high from The Truth with a downright dirty riff, with the chorus the drums just do it for me completely, with prolonged use of the toms and the bass pedal. So I contract that this is just filler, as the song is easily ignored, but if you listen to it, you will be blown away.

Perfect ending for this promo, a brilliant fusion of rock with a downright dirty grunge riff. “Fall, Break, Crawl” is a fast paced, no holds barred grunge anthem “Crawl, and I need to see you crawl”. The solo does it for me, making this song. And making the album.

This Promo, has all the makings of getting them signed, it’s just a matter of will it? I think so, there may be some slight flaws in “The Truth” but with every truth comes a lie. More bands these days need to be raw but powerful, and that’s exactly what Revolva Head has done.


Tracks To Download: The Truth, The Fake Ones

For Fans Of: Zico Chain, Reuben, Nirvana, Velvet Revolver