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Audio Tragedi 10 Tracks to Hear this week [03/05/2010]

1. B.O.B ft. Hayley Williams – Airplanes

Why is this song still number 1 on my playlist? Because its so god damn catchy! Hayley williams’ hook still has me captured and enticed and the Lyrical rap stylings of B.O.B. Will catch them on the flip side of the UK charts very soon I think! (that was surreal)

2. Pendulum – Watercolor

The glorious return of pendulum. With makeshift guitars and of course synth up your ass this is defiantly glorious. One cannot help but compare this to previous singles from former album “in silico”. Besides that i would not put any doubt past pendulum to be as big as they were in 2008.

3. Foals – This Orient

Its safe to say i love Foals. Ever since their debut with balloons and of course cassius this band have stuck with me. This Orient is no exception, with their little guitar bits and bobs and flicks and clips. Its strange to say that most of the “oriental” feel to this song is played on guitar, but incredible nonetheless. I expect this to climb in my 10 tracks to hear before it falls.

4. AnBerlin – True Faith (New Order Cover)

I think the keyboards in this is what is keeping it in my top 10 to hear this week. And you cannot fault the fullness of the guitar placed into the chorus.

5. Them Crooked Vultures – Mind Eraser (No Chaser)

With gunman placed to the back, mind chaser can easily replace. With slightly deranged lyrics from Homme and brilliantly catchy but cleverly clumsy guitaring. This is another classic from the superband of the decade.

6. Lostprophets – A Better Nothing

Non – movers from Lostprophets for the simple reason is my video got taken down for breach of copyright. All the same this song is epic. A brilliant mix of start something and Liberation Transmission that leaves you with the sense that lostprophets, cannot be put into a genre.

7.  In Case Of Fire – Violence And Pictures

Melodramatic  is a word that comes to mind when listening to this, with driving guitar and chorus like singing throughout. I found this song while browsing through Mmusic (a blog about mmusic put up soon!) and couldn’t help but comparing this to other post hardcore bands that have come out in the past few years, you can’t help but feel like there’s something missing in this song…

8. The Gaslight Anthem – American Slang

I am very excited about the new Gaslight Anthem album, more so to be able to review the album, but lets start with the lead single and title track “American Slang”. When this song starts playing it makes you feel like you returned to the good ol’ 60’s in the good ol’ US of A. Rolling Stone recently published their 40 Reasons to get Excited about music. Reason #28 is the Gaslight Anthem, they are my reason no.1.

9. YouMeAtSix – There’s No Such Thing As Accidental Infidelity

One of the many tracks to comment on from the new LP “Hold Me Down”. Typical chorus hooks, the not-so typical lyrics (joke), this is a perfect slice of pop-punk that is spewing out of the world today… Not that I’m Complaining.

10. Failsafe – Hope

Too good to leave my tracks to hear this week, so it clings to no.10, there’s nothing spoken truer about this than saying its a breath of fresh air out to the UK music scene in a long while.

Well…I hope you have liked this weeks 10 Tracks to Hear.

Next week I’m starting Audio Tragedi’s Rock Chart, Audio Tragedi’s Indie/Electro Chart and Mainstream Charts.

And Every week 10 Track to hear will have something new in!