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Crystal Castles – Crystal Castles (II)

Audio Tragedi Music Review

Crystal Castles – Crystal Castles (II) (2010)

Label: Fiction

Crystal Castles follow up to their debut album of the same name is nothing short of ¬†period pains, with alice glass screaming around each track, making it quite difficult to listen to throughout. However I tried my best and here is an album review of “Crystal Castles II”.

On this attempt at an album, at least all the songs sound the different instead of the same constant drone of the last album, which don’t get me wrong is an altogether good album, but the songs sounded to slightly the same. This album has a fuller sound all be it still raw like their previous work. ¬†“Baptism” screams brilliance with there technological sounds and quips, with the beat of Cath’s drums resounding as a healthy middle. You feel that they may of used to many glitch sounds; “Doe Deer” is a horrible head fuck, resounding out of both speakers that sound like they’re about to blow and “I am made of chalk” is no different, actually scaring me slightly. “Celestica” is the first song that I have actually heard her sing in, which suprises me to be quite good. But when “year of silence” is played you can tell that its not an imminent sound that they intend to keep throughout the album. “Vietnam” stands out as being the best song and sound on the track which brings a darker feel to the whole album. Darker than their last work is a definite plus, and their sound has matured more. “Birds” with all its brilliance is another favorite, with an excellent sample of a heavy guitar riff, mixing the electronic nu rave sound with a heavy metal sound and still not taking away their originality.

On a whole the album surprised me as being defiantly better than their previous work, and if they keep this up there is no reason why they can’t be hailed as a brilliant and innovative band of the next decade.

RATING: 6/10

SONGS TO DOWNLOAD: Vietnam, Birds, Intimate

FOR FANS OF: Heartsrevolution, Gaggle, MSTRKRFT