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Audio Tragedi 10 Tracks To Hear This Month (Oct)

October 23, 2010 Leave a comment

So if you read my update (october update) you would realise that I haven’t had any time to put anything into my blog last month. So next month, begins alot of hard work to get audio tragedi back up and running!

1. Closer – Anberlin

With myself reviewing anberlin’s new album, i cant help but bring my favourite track into this months 10 (20) tracks. With a mellow beginning that crescendo’s into the build up of the verse to the brilliant chorus.

2. Forget You – Cee Lo Green

Brilliantly produced soul song with a kick. With the voice of Gnarls Barkley venturing solo, this is one funky soul song, that everyone needs to hear at least once. trust me.

3.  Off That – Jay-Z ft. Drake

“Welcome, To The, Future.” This should be the future of rap, forget everything you thought you knew about Jay-Z, and remember this song.

4. Feel Good Drag – Anberlin

The return of anberlin is imminent. So lets venture back to what made them great. No nonesence Alternative rock, with an incredible bass line towards the ends of the verse and a catchy as anything chorus, this is a gem from the back catalogue of the underated ego of anberlin. “I feel in love with your sin, Your littlest sin.”

5. My Circuitboard City – The Wombats

Another Classic, this time from Liverpool’s own the wombats. A very catchy song with typical indie rawness.

6. Down – Anberlin

Another anberlin song from their new album, this shows light from their previous albumwith “The Unwinding Cable Car”. An excellent reminder that they can make soft sounded and incredibly talented acoustic songs.

7. Saving Abel – Mississippi Moonshine

In Saving Abel’s new album, There’s alot of country essence. With their acoustical country feel to alot of them. I picked “Mississippi Moonshine” for simple reason. It has attitude, pure and simply. “Miss up to no good”

8. Projected Twin – I’ll Fall For Anything

It’s difficult to pick a great song to single out on Projected Twin’s debut album. So there will probably be alot more To follow next month. But “Fall For Everything” stands out as probably the only track with a punk feeling to it. This is a truly amazing debut. Review to come soon!

Download The Whole Album Here!

9. One Night Only – Say You Don’t Want It

Typical slice of indie gone pop here. which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. This song is brilliantly portrayed through the new york streets. With a hook to die for, this song definitely deserves to be on my 10 tracks this month.

10. Santana ft. Chad Kroeger – Into The Night

This song has crept back into my favourites the past two months. an absolute classic. that in itself is enough said.

Audio Tragedi Rock Chart [09/05/2010]

May 9, 2010 1 comment

1. Anberlin – True Faith

True Faith – Single by Anberlin – Download True Faith

2. Pendulum – Watercolor

Watercolour – by Pendulum – Preorder Watercolour – on iTunes

3. Failsafe – Hope

Failsafe – Download Failsafe Music on iTunes

4. Biffy Clyro – Bubbles

Bubbles – by Biffy Clyro – Download Bubbles – on iTunes

5. Lostprophets – A Better Nothing

Lostprophets – Download Lostprophets Music on iTunes

6. 30 Seconds To Mars – This Is War

7. A Fire Inside – Medicate

8. Bullet For My Valentine – The Last Fight

9. Them Crooked Vultures – Gunman

10. You Me At Six – Underdog

11. Kids In Glass Houses – Matters At All

12.A Day To Remember – Have Faith In Me

13. Alice In Chains -Your Decision

14. All Time Low – Lost In Stereo

15. Paramore – The Only Exception

16. Nickelback – Never Gonna Be Alone

17. Lostprophets – For He’s A Jolly Good Fellon

18. Ich Tu Dir Weh – Rammstein

19. A Static Lullaby – Rattlesnake!

20. Flyleaf – Missing

Email me your opinions on this chart or who you think should be in!

Audio Tragedi 10 Tracks to Hear this week [26/04/2010]

April 28, 2010 Leave a comment

1. B.O.B ft. Hayley Williams – Airplanes

It’s a super catchy track with Williams like you’ve never heard her before. But don’t be surprised by the Paramore crooner’s venture into hip-hop.

“Whether our fans know or not, [Paramore bassist] Jeremy [Davis] and I have always been really into hip-hop,” she recently said.

My personal opinion is to praise this track, incredibly catchy with lullaby lyrics by paramores own.

To Listen, Read more about this track and download, click here or go to my latest post “Hayley Goes Hip-Hop”

2. AnBerlin – True Faith (New Order Cover)

I am in love with this track right now, and it brings back memories of the 80’s….which of when i wasn’t even born. Regardless this is an amazing cover, with alot of melodic styles to accompany Stephen Christians typical droning voice.

3. Failsafe – Hope

Fast paced and driven is just two words to describe this brilliantly catchy track from Prestons own. With furiously driven guitars, truer than words lyrics and  ska-esque drum fills, this song is a definite addition to anyones playlist.

4. Them Crooked Vultures – Gunman

Try making a more famous super band than them crooked vultures. Drummer Dave Grohl, Guitarist and singer Josh Homme and Bassist John Paul Jones, this song is funky, no question, the drums speak for themselves as simple but impactful, and the guitar (excuse my language) is funky as f*&k.

5. Biffy Clyro – Bubbles

‘Bubbles’ is the fifth single to come from their latest album which shows the faith that the band and the label have in the albums more radio friendly material. It does seem like a breath of fresh air has hit Biffy and everything seems to be falling into place. Simon Neil has hit the vocals like a hammer has hit the nail on the head. At times his Scottish accent comes through and compliment the spiraling guitar riffs, perhaps not as rocky as past tunes but the perfect parting shot to ‘Only Revolutions’.

6. Lostprophets – A Better Nothing

Amazing, This song will be my next number 1 and im sure it will become UK’s number one as well!

Just see for yourself!

7. 30 Seconds to Mars – This Is War

This Is War is an anthem to end all anthems, the black parade to their album of the same name. Brilliantly broken down with Letos signature voice.

8. Drop The Girl – Can’t Breathe (DEMO)

What can I say? I’m A sucker for these underground bands aside from that I’m guilty of promoting my friends. Another review will be posted in the coming weeks,  for now though; “Can’t breathe” is ironically a breathe of fresh air towards the bland drawl that is coming out of the “new wave” of punk. With Drop the girl being compared (in my opinion) to the likes of Kids in Glass Houses and YouMeAtSix, this song is not a let down nor a disappointment. With the echoes of the catchy intro still ringing into your ears throughout and the coruscating vocals making a huge impact, this song leaves nothing to complain about.

Visit Drop The Girl On Myspace:

9. A Fire Inside – Medicate

Another gem from AFI ‘s vault, one can’t help but compare it to “Miss Murder” with the pop punk styles blaring through the airwaves once again. The slowdown sets its place with a chorus from hell to follow. Brilliantly written and a blast of fresh air from these punk heroes.

10. Owl City – Umbrella Beach

‘Umbrella Beach’ is actually one of my personal favourites from the stunning LP that was around in the UK market for quite sometime now. The track is a mere collection of slick synth dance beats making the track a potential club hitter. You can hear positivity from the track which makes it absolutely radio friendly. I think this is a good choice as it is timed as a summer anthem. So keep checking back because it will be hitting the UK charts very soon!

Well thats what I think you guys should be listening to this week, check back next week!