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Wish Right Now, Wish Right Now, Wish Right Now, Wish Right Now

Right let’s say, that its because of me…that Airplanes by B.O.B ft. Hayley Williams is number 2 in the UK charts.

because of my relentless viral marketing of the track, its been downloaded 262 times off of my mediafire.

So lets go one better…

Here’s a bonus track that I posted a few months back, but you had to subscribe to me to download it.

Some did, but ultimately it failed.

So here for your entertainment is;

FREE DOWNLOAD Airplanes part 2 ft. Hayley Williams & Eminem FREE DOWNLOAD


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Hayley Goes Hip-Hop

April 28, 2010 2 comments

Hip-hop has a new voice: Hayley Williams of Paramore!
B.o.B – Airplanes ft. Hayley Williams of Paramore [Explicit] by Atlantic Records
The 21-year-old singer teamed with hot Atlanta rapper B.o.B. for a pair of new tracks on his April 27 release B.o.B Presents: The Adventures of Bobby Ray: “Airplanes” and “Airplanes (Part II),” an album-closing reprise featuring cameos from both Williams and Eminem. While the Em track remains under wraps, B.o.B. posted “Airplanes” to his website Monday, giving the world a taste of Williams as hip-hop songstress.

To Download: “Airplanes part 1

To Download: “Airplanes Part 2 ft. Eminem” Subscribe to my blog and an email will be sent with the password for the blog post with the download link attached!

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Airplanes part II ft. Eminem

April 28, 2010 Comments off
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