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The Gaslight Anthem – American Slang

September 17, 2010 Leave a comment

Audio Tragedi Review

The Gaslight Anthem – American Slang (2010)

Label: Side One Dummy

With the highs still set afoot from “The ’59 Sound”; American Blues Rock ‘N’ Roll band The Gaslight Anthem needed something to up the ante. In a recent interview singer and guitarist Brandon Fallow told how “59′ Sound” was basically the sound of their influences. Now, 2010; “American Slang” needs to prove that this band isn’t just a “influence Oriented” band and that they can stand on their own with their own unique sound. This is my review of The Gaslight Anthem’s American Slang.

Nothing will stop me from enjoying this album again and again. The title track speaks to me as a classic chunk of American soul. “I got your name tattooed in the side of my arm”. Stay lucky has the attitude about it which doesn’t come easily for Gaslight. To compare it to any other gaslight album would be senseless; as this album stands alone perfectly. No album I’ve heard yet is as diverse as “American Slang”; “Stay Lucky” has the punk edge to it. Whereas “The Diamond  Church Street Choir” as an unmistakeable soul feel; “Who sings it better than the blues”. You can’t help but click your fingers to it, believe me, I’ve tried. “Boxer” unbelievably has a slight hip-hop feel to it, in the beginning at least. And let’s not forget the epic rock anthem “We Did It When We Were Young”.

“The Queen Of Lower Chelsea” is a working anthem, perfect little bit of the album, a healthy middle.

Old Haunts has to be my favourite. The thing about The gaslight that I don’t understand. Is how they can make an incredible album “The 59′ Sound” and still have more, blues, more hook catching choruses and more epically brilliants songs.

To wrap this up swiftly, The Gaslight Anthem have once again astounded me. They’ve done something that not many bands can say of late…

They’ve made an album that’s better than its predecessor “The 59′ Sound”


Tracks To Download:

We Did It When We Were Young

Old Haunts

The Spirit Of Jazz

For Fans Of: This Charming Man, Against Me!, The Riot Before

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