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Projected Twin – Earth To World

November 3, 2010 Leave a comment

Audio Tragedi Album Review

Projected Twin – Earth To World 2010

Shaun Holton isn’t your traditional artist.

Essentially a one man band, the 24-year-old from Adelaide (South Australia) formed PROJECTED TWIN in late-2006. After spending his earlier years in bands, it became apparent his frustration in having to please the other members in the band stemmed his growth creatively as an artist.

“I had got to a point where I felt like I wasn’t really given a proper opportunity to create music without having to worry about 3-4 other people’s opinions or artistic flare being trampled on,” said Shaun. So was the birth of Projected Twin that allows Holton to create ‘band’ orientated music as a solo artist.

“I’ve always known what I wanted to hear. And beat boxing the drum part you hear in your head to your drummer doesn’t often get the results you were aiming for. So I just hit sticks together and plucked strings until I started hearing the sounds I wanted to hear”.

Which sounds like a brilliant formula to use.

After spending the most part of 2007 and 2008 performing full time all over the world including Oman, Thailand, Iraq, Indonesia and USA including a six-month residency at Dubai’s Hard Rock Café, Shaun returned to Australia with a renewed focus to cement his own blend of rock in what is to be his debut album.

This was to be; Earth To World.

We begin what seems like an epic journey with a ten minute fiasco, spanning from lounge esque music to a brand of heavy metal that chunks throughout the rest of the song that is “Post Secret”. Our first taste of “Earth to World”. The song begins extremely faintly; almost tip toeing on the album, quietly lulling you into the album and basically bringing the album to its grand beginning. “I walk across the dotted line”.

“I’ll Fall For Anything” is a perfect example of how many influences shaun used to create this album. With an essence of “Panic! At The Disco” Rhythm, this song cannot help but being very catchy and with a very prominent solo staying faithful to the base of the song; this is probably my favourite song on the album. “We Know its True” was the first single from the album, which I disagree with because its not the most ambiguous song on the album, however its still not at fault and still stays true to the album. The slow down however re-invents this song and is brilliant;”Tripping over each other”.

“Shark water” shows of Shaun’s Acoustic skills. However he said “I will probably not play this song [Shark Water] during live shows as its to difficult to re-create” which disappoints me slightly, as this song is a brilliant calm before the storm that is the rest of the album. As with “Redemption Away” another song that feels like the calm before the storm, also showing “Twins” brilliant picking qualities.

“Oh. The Drama” is a refreshing wake up. With a furious drum beat, a bass line to die for and of course not forgetting the ominous glow of synth sounds throughout.

“Try” and “Deny” are both the atypical songs of the album, “Try” is just the introduction to “Deny”. However I can see why he has done this, honing and showing his skills in the introduction not to ruin it with the main part of the song, I applaud him on this as few to many bands have done this.

The title track “Earth To World” starts of with a slow ambience for the best part of two minutes. Another song that produces Shaun’s skills to the world however with another acoustic driven song, which also begins with a saxaphone accompaniment.  This song in its essence is brilliant, bringing out and proving the full potential of Shaun Holton.

The final song “Circle of Two” starts of with female vocals, clearly a duo. However this song is not done to its full potential, the female vocalist as brilliant as she is just doesn’t go with Shaun’s voice. However ignoring that, this song is a brilliant adjournment to the album.

On a complete whole. “Earth To World” suprises me, as this sounds like a fully fledged master piece. Which is not something you can expect from an unsigned or even underground band. An extremely impressive debut. Without any doubts.


Songs to Download:

“Post Secret”, “I’ll Fall For Anything”, “Shark Water”.


For Fans Of: Petroleum Falcon

Revolva Head – The Truth

August 24, 2010 1 comment

Audio Tragedi Album Review


Whether it’s the fact that I love underground bands, or the fact that “Revolva Head”  have something special here. With their no forgiveness punk tracks and their heavy grunge anthems, this is their debut 5 track promo “The Truth”;

“Live without fear” just brings the  whole album to it’s beginning, sounding very zico esque with the bends and relentless chugging throughout the verse. Maybe not quite as catchy of a chorus as their favourites, however lets not dismiss how catchy the tracks namesake is “I Can Do This, Live Without Fear”. The vocals seems slightly out, maybe this is me, maybe they’re on to something here, but it fits with the band perfectly.

“Don’t Ask How” brings us back to yesteryear where every punk band was trying to shine through, the ironic thing is if this was maybe released late nighties early naughties then “Revolva Head” could of had some major backing, unfortunately, this has been made now, which dampens it slightly.

“Bass is always an easy instrument to learn” everyone says. Of course it is, but it doesn’t work out to well if you can’t actually make a hook that people are going to keep going back to and listening to intently. Which is exactly what Jonny (Bassist / Vocals) has done here. “The Truth” has the most catchy and terrifying bass line that I have heard in a long time. Of course, this is their title track, and rightly so. Catchy chorus with an incredible guitar riff bridging the chorus to the verse. “Go away, Get Away, No one’s listening to you”. The drumming fits perfectly with this song to. Let’s not forget the solo which is incredibly hard to pull off in a grunge track, but was done with ease. This song is actually out of place with the rest of the album, and if they released this song successfully I can’t see why they wouldn’t be able to sell out arenas in the next few years.

Lyrically, “RH” are lacking, never say never, this is their first release. Which is, by the way, a 5 track promo and it can be understandable that they’re lyrically blunt. However you could totally disregard my last statement, as a lot of bands have shown the same lyrical downfall and yet these days are making everything for themselves (I’ve always found that 30STM have a lot lacking in their lyrics) so lets not get disheartened by this just yet. Criticism is constructive.

“The fake ones” can be branded as a typical fill for a CD, nothing really caught my attention on this song. But then my ears picked up when we got to the ambiance of the guitar in the slow down, which sounded almost perfect. So I stop the track, and rewind to the beginning, and actually listen to it. The bass is still on a high from The Truth with a downright dirty riff, with the chorus the drums just do it for me completely, with prolonged use of the toms and the bass pedal. So I contract that this is just filler, as the song is easily ignored, but if you listen to it, you will be blown away.

Perfect ending for this promo, a brilliant fusion of rock with a downright dirty grunge riff. “Fall, Break, Crawl” is a fast paced, no holds barred grunge anthem “Crawl, and I need to see you crawl”. The solo does it for me, making this song. And making the album.

This Promo, has all the makings of getting them signed, it’s just a matter of will it? I think so, there may be some slight flaws in “The Truth” but with every truth comes a lie. More bands these days need to be raw but powerful, and that’s exactly what Revolva Head has done.


Tracks To Download: The Truth, The Fake Ones

For Fans Of: Zico Chain, Reuben, Nirvana, Velvet Revolver

Bullet For My Valentine – Fever

Audio Tragedi Track by Track Music Review

Bullet For My Valentine – Fever (2010)
Label: Jive

So… what does Bullet For My Valentines follow up to 2008 Scream! Aim Fire? In one word…”bullet”. And not the ups and downs of SAF but the bullet we know and love from debut “The Poison”. Furious riffs, epic vocals and of course those melodies that everyone knows bullet for. Here is a track by track review of Bullet For My Valentines “Fever”.

Your Betrayal

Marching drums sets the tone for the entire album, followed by a guitar riff to die for… Typical bullet. Whispering into your ear “Am i going insane?” / “The evil feeling that ticks” this is darker than the other albums, definably no remorse. And funnily enough the other two albums were supposed to be as dark. “Pay The Price For Your Betrayal”

The Last Fight

Second single “The Last Fight” is everything i despise about what bullet does. Do not get me wrong, fast paced metal and emotive lyrics are good. But this song sounds TO much like every other song on any other bullet album. Maybe the vocals do this. And like I said, early days… Lets see if this song grows on me.  Besides maybe the solo is the only thing to comment on this song as being worth a listen. “I Will Fight / One Last Fight / I Am Not Your Enemy”


Does anyone hear Avenged Sevenfold’s “The Beast And The Harlot” main guitar riff in this? I know let’s start of this song with a riff that any bullet fan will know from our past tour with A7X. Forgetting that it sounds like this in the beginning, the heavy riff that ensues the rest of the song is brilliant. This fits perfectly with the best lyrics that Matt Tuck has sung in a long time. “You Look So Beautiful / Down On Your Knees” this is a side of bullet that we have not seen since The End “The Bed We Fucked In / Stays The Same” and they’ve definitely improved on this. Everything fits into this song perfectly the “Woooaaaaaah!” the relentless drums and the perfect lyrics… what? what’s Beast and the Harlot again? “I Can Feel Your Fever Taking Over / And Your The Remedy”

A Place Were You Belong

This takes us back to the days that “Tears Don’t Fall” was gracing all of our playlists. “Were You Belong” speaks with such power that I could honestly say that this is better than “Tears”. Right at the beginning the first surprise is bringing in the acoustic guitar just after the crescendo; Which sets the mood almost perfectly… Which perfectly sets the scene for Matt to gallantly step towards the mic and show us what we missed in “Scream! Aim Fire” and we missed FROM “The Poison”. Perfection ensues throughout the first verse and the chorus. “Now I’m Wasting Away / In My Own Misery”. A Perfect bridge for a solo which is delivered effortlessly. Emotively desperation inside the lyrics is what makes this song the best on the album. Lest us not forget the spine tingling solo that ends returning back into that beautiful acoustic. Bringing us into the final chorus and the final stretch towards the end. “I Hope You’ve Finally Gone / To A Place Were You Belong”

Pleasure And Pain

Furious vocals by jay in beginning brings in the thrashing of the guitars along with the prominent beats of the drums. The verses of the song seem bland to me, the chorus doesn’t fit as well as a thought, with the melodic vocals trying to push forward the song and the guitar bringing it down. The simplicity of the structure of this song doesn’t impress me and my feelings towards the solo are nonchalant. A typical drawl song to fill in the album. “You Don’t Bring Me Pleasure / You Just Bring Me Pain / And Nothing In Between”


you have to love the melody of the guitar in the intro, strings are added to this track which is a first for bullet (disregarding Poisons “Intro”) which brings a cold feel to the song. with the end of the introduction an immanent crescendo with the distant screaming. The beginning of the verse is brilliantly played “So burn all your bridges / Cause I’m not going down”  this song is a brilliant Fuck you anthem, going from typical bullet thrashing their way through the verse, then the verse suddenly changes into an uprising and momentous  fill “It’s Funny How The Table Turns” Introducing the strings into this section was generously done however. Matt’s straining voice shows through the beginning of the chorus which brings a surprising helplessness to the song. Lyrically better than previous albums  this song surprises me; it sounds like old bullet with a new.. feel. This is also brilliantly portrayed in the final moments of this song. Which bring the song to a brilliant shuddering holt. “You Pray for salvation / cause your heart is made of stone / you can die and rot alone”

Breaking Out, Breaking Down

This song is a huge chunk of melodic mass, the reason being is it sounds like bullet are giving in to the masses of bands that already sound like this. Next Song.

Bittersweet Memories

This is classic bullet again, Matt’s voice is so surprising in this song as he sings like he’s never sung before “I’m Not A Saint That’s Easy To Tell, But Guess What Honey Your No Angel”. This song is a brilliant memory of what bullet is capable of, A huge ballad of epic proportions and not trailing away from their roots as a Thrash band. “Light The Fire And Walk Away, There’s Nothing Left To Say”.


Brilliantly bringing the album back to its thrash roots towards the end of the album with this furious number. Brilliantly drummed out i feel that this has a bigger impact on this song than the others. With the incredible solo towards the end of the song. And once again Tuck’s  Impeccable vocals harmonize the song.

Begging For Mercy

This song became the taster for the album in the beginning of March, which is a bit of a disappointment; as the taster should be the tone for the rest of the album, which is not true. This song is brilliantly coursed, heavy and dazzling however the rest of the album is dark and gritty (with the exception of a few of  the tracks). Brilliant growling vocals again from tuck and louder than life guitar thrashes. This should be the signature track to the corner stone of bullets new album.

Pretty On The Outside

The Final track on this epic album, is different. Changing the tone of the album is not a good idea. Especially on the final song; And yet, It fits perfectly. What an ending to “Fever”… Forget “Forever And Always” and “The End” this isn’t a ballad for the romantics, This is a full on thrash anthem. Brilliant.

On A Whole, this album is a spectacular revival of Bridgend’s own Bullet For My Valentine.


Tracks To Download: Fever, A Place Were You Belong, Alone

For Fans Of: Trivium, Bless the Fall, kill hannah

Thank you for reading through my review, it took a while to write.

So as a thanks here’s the bonus track, The Last Fight Acoustic For You To Download:

Music Courtesy of Electric Audio

Audio Tragedi 10 Tracks to Hear this week [16/05/2010]

1. Bullet For My Valentine – Fever

Maybe its the fact I love bullet, regardless of that i think you should agree that this song is momentous. The fast but catchy riff, the incredibly graceless lyrics. Everything about this song fits perfectly.

You can read my full review of the whole new album “fever” in the next few weeks!

2. Foals – Miami

This song is so out of place its incredible, the bass is what makes this song sound so out of place. And I love it! The little guitar hooks the latino style of the drums. This misfit song is perfect., in every way.

You can read my full track by track review of “full life forever” next month!

3. Projected Twin – White Wedding (Cover)

Our own drum tutor Slabop recommended this for our tracks to hear. Im loving the vocals on this, very powerful, in turn ; making the song more powerful than it is originally, the solo inbetween catches me completely and incredibly of guard. Their album is out soon, and i am currently remixing one of their other songs. Lets see if we don’t see him return to my blogs very soon!



4. Kids In Glass Houses ft. Frankie Sandford – Undercover Lover

You have to admire this song, its simple and to the point. This is why kids in glass houses are in my opinion one of the best pop punk bands out there right now. Frankie just adds to the admiralty.

5. Lynyrd Skynyrd ft. Rob Zombie – Floyd

My love for southern rock shows in this song, the slide effect on this song is incredibly catchy however typical it might be in a country song like this one And with zombie added to the mix this song is a chunk of the slow life.

6. BlessTheFall – Hey Baby, Heres The Song You Wanted

This song, from beginning to end is brilliantly. You can’t really credit me for calling it brilliant but let me explain. All of the guitar hooks. Add in the synth effect with it and you have got yourself a new wave hardcore band.

7. Crystal Castles – Vietnam

Wether its the ominous and rather scary drone of alice glass’ voice. Or the sounding of complete hopelessness. This song couldn’t not be on my playlist this week. It definetly paints a picture and if the songs title tells me anything on what this song entails; then i know exactly what picture its painting.

You can read my full review of Crystal Castles new album soon!

8. Lady Gaga – Poker Face (LLG vs GLG Remix)

You have to listen to this song to realize its potential. And when its lady gaga that just makes it that much better…

9. Brigade – Magneto

I know, I know. This song is about to years old, but when you go to dust of your collection you forget how good some of the old classics are. The continuos onslaught of the guitar and of course simpson jr. signature vocals makes the track.

10. Beyonce – Why Don’t You Love Me

Forget everything you think you know about Beyonce. Sasha Fierce is gone, the ‘survivor’ is no more. Now we’re left with BB Homemaker. Backed by funk-pop beats, she wails with bunny boiler aplomb, “Why don’t you love me?”, proving she’s just as messed-up as the rest of us. She just looks better.

Soundcloud music Powered by Electric Audio

You Me At Six – Hold Me Down

May 10, 2010 2 comments

Audio Tragedi Music Review

You Me At Six – Hold Me Down (2010)

Label: Virgin, Epitaph

See we have a problem with bands like this; they have a good catchy rhythm to them, lyrically brilliant… But I could be saying exactly the same thing about every other new wave punk rock band thats come out in the past four years. But lets forget that You Me At Six sound like other bands, lets look at this album standing on its own, as an original piece of music. You need to have a hearing problem if you don’t like the sound of “Underdog”, with its big leads and bigger than life chorus. A typical story is the album on a whole sounds like one big prepubescent cry for help. Their next single “liquid confidence” sounds like its been taken straight out a glee episode with the backing vocals. You made your points about your lady friends in “Take of your colours” why not leave it at that? To be honest if I was to try and sell this album i would sell it as “Take Of Your Colours Part 2”. I would rather you spend your money on their debut than this album, as the new material is simply not new, at least with colours the sound was fresh back then. Accidental Infidelity is to damn good a song to pass up however, having said that, YMAS need to go back to the drawing board, forget about trying to connect with your audience with songs about partying and girls, as you did that in your last album and you connected well. In my conclusion this album is great, its catchy. But i would not waste my time in buying it when they have a perfectly good album that sounds just like this in 2008.

RATING: 4/10

For Fans Of: Kids In Glass Houses, Boys Like Girls, Forever The Sickest Kids

Songs To Download: Underdog, Accidental Infidelity, Trophy Eyes

Audio Tragedi Rock Chart [09/05/2010]

May 9, 2010 1 comment

1. Anberlin – True Faith

True Faith – Single by Anberlin – Download True Faith

2. Pendulum – Watercolor

Watercolour – by Pendulum – Preorder Watercolour – on iTunes

3. Failsafe – Hope

Failsafe – Download Failsafe Music on iTunes

4. Biffy Clyro – Bubbles

Bubbles – by Biffy Clyro – Download Bubbles – on iTunes

5. Lostprophets – A Better Nothing

Lostprophets – Download Lostprophets Music on iTunes

6. 30 Seconds To Mars – This Is War

7. A Fire Inside – Medicate

8. Bullet For My Valentine – The Last Fight

9. Them Crooked Vultures – Gunman

10. You Me At Six – Underdog

11. Kids In Glass Houses – Matters At All

12.A Day To Remember – Have Faith In Me

13. Alice In Chains -Your Decision

14. All Time Low – Lost In Stereo

15. Paramore – The Only Exception

16. Nickelback – Never Gonna Be Alone

17. Lostprophets – For He’s A Jolly Good Fellon

18. Ich Tu Dir Weh – Rammstein

19. A Static Lullaby – Rattlesnake!

20. Flyleaf – Missing

Email me your opinions on this chart or who you think should be in!

Audio Tragedi 10 Tracks to Hear this week [03/05/2010]

1. B.O.B ft. Hayley Williams – Airplanes

Why is this song still number 1 on my playlist? Because its so god damn catchy! Hayley williams’ hook still has me captured and enticed and the Lyrical rap stylings of B.O.B. Will catch them on the flip side of the UK charts very soon I think! (that was surreal)

2. Pendulum – Watercolor

The glorious return of pendulum. With makeshift guitars and of course synth up your ass this is defiantly glorious. One cannot help but compare this to previous singles from former album “in silico”. Besides that i would not put any doubt past pendulum to be as big as they were in 2008.

3. Foals – This Orient

Its safe to say i love Foals. Ever since their debut with balloons and of course cassius this band have stuck with me. This Orient is no exception, with their little guitar bits and bobs and flicks and clips. Its strange to say that most of the “oriental” feel to this song is played on guitar, but incredible nonetheless. I expect this to climb in my 10 tracks to hear before it falls.

4. AnBerlin – True Faith (New Order Cover)

I think the keyboards in this is what is keeping it in my top 10 to hear this week. And you cannot fault the fullness of the guitar placed into the chorus.

5. Them Crooked Vultures – Mind Eraser (No Chaser)

With gunman placed to the back, mind chaser can easily replace. With slightly deranged lyrics from Homme and brilliantly catchy but cleverly clumsy guitaring. This is another classic from the superband of the decade.

6. Lostprophets – A Better Nothing

Non – movers from Lostprophets for the simple reason is my video got taken down for breach of copyright. All the same this song is epic. A brilliant mix of start something and Liberation Transmission that leaves you with the sense that lostprophets, cannot be put into a genre.

7.  In Case Of Fire – Violence And Pictures

Melodramatic  is a word that comes to mind when listening to this, with driving guitar and chorus like singing throughout. I found this song while browsing through Mmusic (a blog about mmusic put up soon!) and couldn’t help but comparing this to other post hardcore bands that have come out in the past few years, you can’t help but feel like there’s something missing in this song…

8. The Gaslight Anthem – American Slang

I am very excited about the new Gaslight Anthem album, more so to be able to review the album, but lets start with the lead single and title track “American Slang”. When this song starts playing it makes you feel like you returned to the good ol’ 60’s in the good ol’ US of A. Rolling Stone recently published their 40 Reasons to get Excited about music. Reason #28 is the Gaslight Anthem, they are my reason no.1.

9. YouMeAtSix – There’s No Such Thing As Accidental Infidelity

One of the many tracks to comment on from the new LP “Hold Me Down”. Typical chorus hooks, the not-so typical lyrics (joke), this is a perfect slice of pop-punk that is spewing out of the world today… Not that I’m Complaining.

10. Failsafe – Hope

Too good to leave my tracks to hear this week, so it clings to no.10, there’s nothing spoken truer about this than saying its a breath of fresh air out to the UK music scene in a long while.

Well…I hope you have liked this weeks 10 Tracks to Hear.

Next week I’m starting Audio Tragedi’s Rock Chart, Audio Tragedi’s Indie/Electro Chart and Mainstream Charts.

And Every week 10 Track to hear will have something new in!