Every month (I’ll try to keep up with it) I’ll be showcasing a new band on this page, as to posting it on the full blog would disrupt all of the post with the review being to long.

Introducing will include;

– Bio of the band

– exclusive tracks from the band

– Album review(s) and review of all of the bands works to date.

– Live Reviews

So check this page next month for an exclusive;



With their sound sounding so heavy, you have to deny that the vocalist Chris Glithero sounds familiar, because if you block that similarity out of your head.

They stand tall and very firmly on their feet with their own unique sound. With a heavy emphasis on short but powerful songs with very bodacious chorus’s.

Their music takes the best metal like riffs and fuses them with infectiously catchy melodies which blend together to make a superbly hectic but yet controlled albums with fine singing which is increasingly rare in the style of music they’re portraying.

They took their name from Chris’ first idol, the Brazilian midfielder Zico.

As his first proper hero, he could trace the degrees of separation, and explosive chain of events that would lead to the band’s assault.


From a review in they tell the story of how it all began;

It’s the culmination (so far) of a journey that began, when they found each other at university in 2002.

“We gravitated to each other from corners of a room,” remembers Chris.

Ollie just remembers “laughing my bollocks off that night.”

The decision to form a band took just hours.

Chris recalls, “The thing I noticed was none of us were emo, none of us looked particularly rock, we were just three angry looking guys with a lot to say.

I couldn’t put them anywhere, so this was something we could work with.”

The three bonded over a common purpose, if not much in the way of musical common ground.

Chris was raised on the classics of Britpop, finding himself drawn to harder-edged American rock like The Bronx and Queens Of The Stone Age;

Ollie had the funk from a young age,

while Paul’s father, a musician himself, had him well schooled in the classic rock of Deep Purple and Jefferson Airplane.

The band – and the people – Zico Chain would become would grow organically, and together.


From a review of their debut self titled EP on they got many credible praises;

“The Zico Chain appear to have a special machine of their own invention that has the ability

to synthesise the key elements of trashy, punky rock and roll from the last 30 years,

and produce an amazing sonic formula based on the component parts.

The hard working trio from Brighton manage to combine the sounds of Nirvana, Mudhoney and The Almighty into a fresh proposition that should go some way to blasting the whiney black-fringed emo wannabees right out of the water. Chris Glithero’s vocals are American in their delivery, like Cobain at his angriest. The riffs are tight and focussed, with no song clocking in over 3 minutes.

critics may dismiss this as derivative, but this is Brit Rock’n’Roll at its finest.”

You’ll have no arguments from me, as Zico Chain EP was a blast in the face for me. A bit like Biffy… except with more balls (No offence intended).

“Rohypnol” is a furious reminder of music that we forgot, a furious non stop rock song, the introduction to Zico Chain… no nonesence.

“And in a way it’s so complicated, All these dreams spell teenage angst to me”

This EP in no way should be underrated, And yet, Some of the songs are and in my opinion; they’re the best.

“This Thing” is nothing more than quite creepy, with the guitar riff sounding in no other way to explain it “like a carnival song gone horribly wrong”.

And “The Lonely Ones” has a beat that cannot be put down, with a bass line to crave for. “We Are The Lonely Ones”.

Album Rating for me;


Zico Chain – This Thing

With that said this should be the lift that zico chain deserve. With other reviews like “Six short, snappy and vicious tracks that leave your head in a spin…Motorhead for the modern generation.”

And yet, the EP not receiving has much reception as hoped.

With that said,  Zico Chain (Chris Glithero, Paul Frost, Ollie Middleton) Belt down and quickly begin work on a follow up. Good move, and an even better album to follow.

So…Who are Zico Chain? and what makes them tick?

Chris Glithero –  is the bassist and lead singer of Zico Chain and he hails from Manchester,  a fantastic bassist with those gritty and somewhat dirty vocals. When you listen to Zico Chain, Chris is the one that comes up with the great hooks that are key to the overall feel of Zico Chain’s music. In a “Kerrang!” Interview late 2007,  Chris reveals some of his favourite tracks which included tracks like Guns ‘N Roses “Mr. Brownstone” and Nirvana’s “Lithium”.

Paul Frost –  is the bands Guitarist and backing singer and is one of the most focused newcomers I have heard in recent years. Having said that a review from has this guitarist portrayed as a pimp…and no you didn’t read that wrong. “Paul the guitarist was just chilling with a group of girls that looked star struck. Now that’s being big!”

the long-haired wiry guitarist whose zen-like calm might trick you at first, until you hear the screeching punishment he gives Chris’ melodies.

He has a superb ability to play furious riffs throughout the song, without mercy. Some of Paul’s influence come from classic rock such as Deep Purple and Jefferson Airplane.

Ollie Middleton – is the bands Drummer/part time funny boy. He is one of the best drummers I have heard in the past few years, able to pin down a track with frenetic drumming and able to play a whole set with a toy monkey around is neck. A pogoing force of nature with hair as big as his heart… Apparently.

And Zico Chain have a party reputation that precedes them.

At various points over the past two years, they’ve found themselves on the sharp end of Spanish policing after inadvertently offending the country’s war dead by stealing a marrow;

held at gunpoint over a misunderstanding in a strip club, hijacking Queens Of The Stone Age’s Rancho de la Luna studio, and becoming heroes of the gay community in Phoenix, Arizona.

Invariably, it’s Paul who ends up bailing the other two out. “We do seem to find ourselves in pretty strange situations without trying. The thing about us,” sighs Chris,“is we’re not the Towers Of London. It’s not nasty carnage, it’s just pure drunken mischief, but every now and then we get really out of our depth.”


Amidst the release of the first album, Zico Chain found themselves a gathering.

Whether  it’s people who want a revival of grunge, whether it was people who just wanted to rock and loved the Zico’s unique sound…

They followed them diligently.

Spouting Zico Chain dedicated, a clear following emerged showing their love for the band, even going as far as tattooing their logo and their lyrics onto their body.

If that’s not a dedicated following then please show me what is.

Zico took note of this and the one thing that makes this band more unique than any other, is the way they connect with their fans, as if fans themselves.

Maybe stay for a few beers after the show?

Zico Chain also took note of how dedicated they were, and used this to their advantage.

Sign up to their email and give them your address… and a Zico Chain promotion back will be sent to your door.

Complete with the perfect promotion pack;

  • Zico Chain FOOD stickers
  • Zico Chain POSTERS
  • Zico Chain FOOD Promotional posters

A brilliant idea. Get the fans to promote the new album! Zico brought a competition into the works, saying “Whoever can Paint Their Town Zico get a bunch of prizes”

The competition winner:

That is dedication…

The pack also cam with membership cards, which gave birth to ZICO CHAIN ARMY another dedication site that brought the fans back in, asking them what there listening to, and bringing demo’s of early Zico to everyone’s attention.


This is an interview taken from with Chris explaining the route they took to create their first full length album;

According to Chris, the singing bassist, their mission statement has always been certain. “I want to make the heaviest, most diverse pop album in the world.”

Blasphemous? Maybe? Essential? Definitely.

“That’s where I wanna go. I want to make music that’s amazingly easy to listen to but you don’t know why, because it’s pounding your head so hard.”

Right from the ironically titled ‘Pretty Pictures’, a dark song about self indulgent pleasures”Do You Like Pretty Pictures Over Your Bed, Does It Make You Feel Loved”The Zico Chain build in eerie atmospheric, instrumental deviations driven from a foundation of throbbing and menacing bass, and so begins Food.

Last Weeks Genius is a furious rock fuelled massacre, that right there, is enough said. “So Is It Nice To Know That All My Dreams Are Fading Like They Should”

Roll Over is again, a fast paced chunk of this incredible album. With the sound of “ROLLOVER” running through your head over and over again. And not to mention the infectious clapping towards the end. It’s clear that this is a favourite during gigs.

“Preach” has to be my favourite, with the slide eerily used at the beginning to the brilliantly sung chorus. The bends and hooks throughout are not to be forgotten. This is Zico at their finest. “It’s God’s Gift To Just Make You Believe That I Never Want To Regret”

“Nihilism” is the only time the album gets to slow down. Making for an epic metal performance. “My Desire, My Desire”.

There are some weak tracks on the album, which don’t get me wrong are still Zico-esque. However they feel amiss in my opinion.

“All Eyes On Me” has a incredibly infectious chorus, disregarding this it doesn’t feel as “full” as the latter songs. And “No Hoper Boy” just brings the album to a stand still, which isn’t bad, it just isn’t great, but the bass is hard to ignore, with a brilliant slow down towards the end of the song it just peaks it.  But like I said… “Some”. Zico Chain has left nothing undone, nothing amiss. Everything has been made to their exact perfections. From start to finish.

Album Rating for me;


What’s with the name FooD anyway?

Explains Chris: “It’s a common theme within the album, about being manipulated by other people, and other standards and other circles.

You are the food for other people, the parasites who will feed of your failings and insecurities and inhibitions, so don’t allow yourself to be eaten.

But we couldn’t have called the album ‘Don’t Allow Yourself To Be Eaten.”

Fair point to have made, excellently profound meaning to the album to. Which brings us to the best track on the album that couldn’t be rated “with” the album;


The reason I didn’t review this single with the album, is that in my opinion, it’s their signature track. The track that separates the boys from the men. Zico Chain’s signature sound.

This song is so raw and powerful, the guitar riff is astounding. It topped the MTV2 Charts for 2 weeks! And by the way it’s Ollie (drummer) on the banner.



They produce an amazing performance and are really focused on the job in hand when they are on stage but once they are off they are one of the few bands who will chat with their fans.

The audience seemed very conscious that there were only a hand full of people at the gig so most of the audience stood back, well everyone except those 15 year old girls at the front that will obviously be getting picked up by there mummy after the gig.

Being a rock band this didn’t hinder Zico chains plans to show the audience a great time with a lot of head banging and the audience were not disappointed.

Zico chain were here to prove that they can emulate there success of 2007 with an even better tour and an even greater performance at this years download.

After there first couple of songs one member of the band shouted to the crowd come and join us right at the front, ‘We want to be able to smell you!’

Not only was this a little surprising but the next comment was about as random as they come, ‘this song is about paedophiles and when you get touched as a kid’.

The crowd silenced a little and started to edge a little further back but Zico chain in true rock style managed to sway the audience back in their favour as by the end of the song all of the audience where within touching distance of Paul, Chris and Ollie.

Looking back at their set now I cant think of one song that didn’t deserve to be on the set list as every song from Pretty Pictures to anaemia where all performed at a very high standard.

I heard a few shout “PLAY MS.QUOTE!” (A demo song from early 2002) clearly a dedicated fan.

After the gig, Zico stayed a while, signed some autographs, sold some merchandise. And ate ginger bread men (cooked up for them by an avid fan).

Not alot is to be heard of Zico Chain after that. 2007 was the end of the tour. Now with a weight on their shoulders to top the success of 2007 things become slower.

Nothing is heard from the boys apart from a few shows here and there.

But 2010 marked the return of Zico, with a standalone single.

Zico Chain – These Birds Will Kill Us All (single)

A brilliantly infectious single that gets better every time I listen to it! With nothing out of place, Zico Chain have kept their sound perfectly.


So with that out of the way and now you know a “little” bit more about Zico Chain, I hope you look them up and check out their new demo’s;

And since you have taken the time to read this, here’s a exclusive track for FREE download!

Check in the coming month’s for a new update on “introducing!”

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