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An Update / The Magibon Project

This Blog Post Is Set Up In 2 Parts;
For those of you who check my blog regularly you will find that I haven’t posted in the past two weeks.
When your time comes for work you must answer the call!
And besides I think I well deserved an overdue vacation.

Well what have I been up to the past coming weeks?
Well Its been very hot lately!

So This month you will see blogs such as;

– Part 2 Of; You Are Not Anonymous
– Part 2 Of; Things To Do On GTA IV
– Part 2 Of; 18 Ways To Be A Bastard In Games
– Red Dead Redemption Review
– Fever Review

and of course much more…

Check back in the coming weeks…

So, onto part 2;

Warning: Viewer discretion is advised. OVER 18 Only

Nothing much, just watch the link I posted

The Magibon Project


and another update sometime this week

Music Is My Radar

April 27, 2010 Leave a comment

It’s difficult to decide how to start of your first ever post on your first ever blog. The power is in my hands to manipulate how you spend the next 3 or so minutes. Will you spend it becoming intrigued by my blog, or will you spend it furiously searching for the “close” button. Whatever you do, Im grateful that your checking this out.


Why would my blog be different, better yet; why would it be worth following?
Unlike everyone else throughout all these other blogs, i won’t fill it with endless drawl.

Or maybe i will…
You will have to decide for yourself.

I tell you what i will do;

  • Supply you all with endless reviews of (almost) every music genre. Spanning from slipknot to abakus, from the most remote underground bands… To the biggest selling acts in the world right now.
  • I will provide YOUR new favorite bands and artists to you.
  • Random blogs about the news today, or what Im feeling how Im doing and whatever it will be.
Well… Interested?

Of course you are…

thank you for reading through my first post whoever you are.

Hope you will return soon.

Audio Tragedi

Listening To:
The Glass Passenger
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