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Portal 2 Revealed At E3

“Oh, it’s you…”

“It’s been a long time. How have you been? I’ve been really busy being dead. you know… after you murdered me?

Okay look, we both said a lot of things that you are going to regret. But i think we should put our differences behind us. For science. You monster”

– Gladis

When Valve approached a team of students from the nearby digipen institute of Technology with job offers and the opportunity to flesh out their senior project – Narbacular Drop – back in the summer of 2005, it did so cautiously. Measured steps were taken to minimize risk. The team was kept small. Art assets were reused, drawing heavily from prefabricated pieces of the Half-Life universe. Then the final product, Portal, was released as part of the “Orange Box”

The investment paid off. With over 70 industry honors, and 30 game of the year awards, it’s impossible to deny portals success.

Portal was, and still is, unlike anything else in valve’s stable of action-centric titles. Valve knew it had something special, but didn’t anticipate the degree to which fans would gravitate toward the budding franchise. Their only complaint? They wanted more.

“Portal was so short because it was a trial” explains Doug Lombardi, vice president of marketing at valve to E3. “We paired it with [Half-Life 2] Episode 2 and Team Fortress 2, which were recognizable and safe. Then we had this portal thing, and we had no idea if people would dig it, even though we thought it was a cool idea. So it was put out there safely in the Orange Box, and the results came back wilder than we could have ever imagined.”

It didn’t take long for legions of valve fans to embrace it. Within months, “the cake is a lie” memes were all over the web, valve started receiving videos of  high school choirs singing “Still Alive” and the song even found its way into the Rock Band catalog. “There was no way we could have planned for it,” says Lombardi “So we knew we had to double down and give them more.”

Portal was a test bed.

Portal 2 is a game.

The trial by fire is over – the safety net removed. portal’s endearing antagonist, quip filled dialogue and mind-altering gameplay are proven commodities. A rabid fan base is established. Now it’s time to up the ante. Instead of merely hoping for the best, valve is now banking on Portal 2’s success.

The cake is a lie / Still Alive credits song

E3 interview with Doug Lombardi & hands on demo

Grand Theft Auto IV – Majestic Pent House

So many people are saying, this isn’t a secret.

But screw you it’s hard to get to on multiplayer!

This video isn’t mine (courtesy of PokeWizKev826)

– Obtain A Helicopter

– Fly To Nickel St. Shown as the red and black dot On This Handy Little Map;

-Make A Shoddy Attempt At Trying To Drop In

– There you have it!

Maybe The Video Would Make More Sense…




More Things To Do soon!!!

18 Ways To Be A Bastard In Games Part 2

So Continuing from the last post. Let’s get those bastard points up!

4. Modern Warfare 2 – One Man Bastard

Most of these malicious tips see you preying on helpless AI.

Want to be a more of that evil kind of bastard?

Get on to modern warfare 2 online!

There’s a new sensation doing the rounds guaranteed to vilify you in an instant.

It’s n00btubing –

the art of clumsily killing enemies with rampant grenade launcher use

– but a potent new strain of n00btubing.

With the One Man Army perk equipped you can change classes mid-fight – when the n00btube runs out of ammo, simply switch to the same class to restock.

Infinite grenades?

Bastard get!

Recently, the tactic at least became challenging due to a patch that increases your class swap time with each swap during a single life. Your bastardly intentions become more difficult the longer you attempt them.

5. Fable II – Consider this, a divorce.

Wives, eh?

Can’t live with ‘em, can’t murder them without accruing evil points.

Time to call in a friend to kill your wife. In co-op mode, the second player takes the bad karma by doing the deed and you stand idly by, dreaming of all the buxom young wenches you can now obtain.

Delete the second player and the world is none the wiser.

It’s basically the plot of Strangers on a Train.

For extra bastard points, take control of the second player and do her in like a split personality psycho killer!

6. Red Faction: Guerilla – Bomberman!

We could have filled our night of bastardry with civilian killing in sandbox games.

So unnecessary and yet so compulsive… A bit like Val Kilmer.

Guerrilla devs Volition are no strangers to random torture impulses, programming in a brilliant panicking animation should you stick a remote charge to a civ’s head.

Arms flapping, they screech around in the dust like a child chased by a bee.

Only it’s not a bee.

It’s a giant metallic charge clamped to their face.

Prolong the fear as long as your bastard gland so desires and push the button.

You… You evil people!

More to come, including GRAND THEFT AUTO IV, BIOSHOCK, RED DEAD REDEMPTION and more!

Bullet For My Valentine – Fever

Audio Tragedi Track by Track Music Review

Bullet For My Valentine – Fever (2010)
Label: Jive

So… what does Bullet For My Valentines follow up to 2008 Scream! Aim Fire? In one word…”bullet”. And not the ups and downs of SAF but the bullet we know and love from debut “The Poison”. Furious riffs, epic vocals and of course those melodies that everyone knows bullet for. Here is a track by track review of Bullet For My Valentines “Fever”.

Your Betrayal

Marching drums sets the tone for the entire album, followed by a guitar riff to die for… Typical bullet. Whispering into your ear “Am i going insane?” / “The evil feeling that ticks” this is darker than the other albums, definably no remorse. And funnily enough the other two albums were supposed to be as dark. “Pay The Price For Your Betrayal”

The Last Fight

Second single “The Last Fight” is everything i despise about what bullet does. Do not get me wrong, fast paced metal and emotive lyrics are good. But this song sounds TO much like every other song on any other bullet album. Maybe the vocals do this. And like I said, early days… Lets see if this song grows on me.  Besides maybe the solo is the only thing to comment on this song as being worth a listen. “I Will Fight / One Last Fight / I Am Not Your Enemy”


Does anyone hear Avenged Sevenfold’s “The Beast And The Harlot” main guitar riff in this? I know let’s start of this song with a riff that any bullet fan will know from our past tour with A7X. Forgetting that it sounds like this in the beginning, the heavy riff that ensues the rest of the song is brilliant. This fits perfectly with the best lyrics that Matt Tuck has sung in a long time. “You Look So Beautiful / Down On Your Knees” this is a side of bullet that we have not seen since The End “The Bed We Fucked In / Stays The Same” and they’ve definitely improved on this. Everything fits into this song perfectly the “Woooaaaaaah!” the relentless drums and the perfect lyrics… what? what’s Beast and the Harlot again? “I Can Feel Your Fever Taking Over / And Your The Remedy”

A Place Were You Belong

This takes us back to the days that “Tears Don’t Fall” was gracing all of our playlists. “Were You Belong” speaks with such power that I could honestly say that this is better than “Tears”. Right at the beginning the first surprise is bringing in the acoustic guitar just after the crescendo; Which sets the mood almost perfectly… Which perfectly sets the scene for Matt to gallantly step towards the mic and show us what we missed in “Scream! Aim Fire” and we missed FROM “The Poison”. Perfection ensues throughout the first verse and the chorus. “Now I’m Wasting Away / In My Own Misery”. A Perfect bridge for a solo which is delivered effortlessly. Emotively desperation inside the lyrics is what makes this song the best on the album. Lest us not forget the spine tingling solo that ends returning back into that beautiful acoustic. Bringing us into the final chorus and the final stretch towards the end. “I Hope You’ve Finally Gone / To A Place Were You Belong”

Pleasure And Pain

Furious vocals by jay in beginning brings in the thrashing of the guitars along with the prominent beats of the drums. The verses of the song seem bland to me, the chorus doesn’t fit as well as a thought, with the melodic vocals trying to push forward the song and the guitar bringing it down. The simplicity of the structure of this song doesn’t impress me and my feelings towards the solo are nonchalant. A typical drawl song to fill in the album. “You Don’t Bring Me Pleasure / You Just Bring Me Pain / And Nothing In Between”


you have to love the melody of the guitar in the intro, strings are added to this track which is a first for bullet (disregarding Poisons “Intro”) which brings a cold feel to the song. with the end of the introduction an immanent crescendo with the distant screaming. The beginning of the verse is brilliantly played “So burn all your bridges / Cause I’m not going down”  this song is a brilliant Fuck you anthem, going from typical bullet thrashing their way through the verse, then the verse suddenly changes into an uprising and momentous  fill “It’s Funny How The Table Turns” Introducing the strings into this section was generously done however. Matt’s straining voice shows through the beginning of the chorus which brings a surprising helplessness to the song. Lyrically better than previous albums  this song surprises me; it sounds like old bullet with a new.. feel. This is also brilliantly portrayed in the final moments of this song. Which bring the song to a brilliant shuddering holt. “You Pray for salvation / cause your heart is made of stone / you can die and rot alone”

Breaking Out, Breaking Down

This song is a huge chunk of melodic mass, the reason being is it sounds like bullet are giving in to the masses of bands that already sound like this. Next Song.

Bittersweet Memories

This is classic bullet again, Matt’s voice is so surprising in this song as he sings like he’s never sung before “I’m Not A Saint That’s Easy To Tell, But Guess What Honey Your No Angel”. This song is a brilliant memory of what bullet is capable of, A huge ballad of epic proportions and not trailing away from their roots as a Thrash band. “Light The Fire And Walk Away, There’s Nothing Left To Say”.


Brilliantly bringing the album back to its thrash roots towards the end of the album with this furious number. Brilliantly drummed out i feel that this has a bigger impact on this song than the others. With the incredible solo towards the end of the song. And once again Tuck’s  Impeccable vocals harmonize the song.

Begging For Mercy

This song became the taster for the album in the beginning of March, which is a bit of a disappointment; as the taster should be the tone for the rest of the album, which is not true. This song is brilliantly coursed, heavy and dazzling however the rest of the album is dark and gritty (with the exception of a few of  the tracks). Brilliant growling vocals again from tuck and louder than life guitar thrashes. This should be the signature track to the corner stone of bullets new album.

Pretty On The Outside

The Final track on this epic album, is different. Changing the tone of the album is not a good idea. Especially on the final song; And yet, It fits perfectly. What an ending to “Fever”… Forget “Forever And Always” and “The End” this isn’t a ballad for the romantics, This is a full on thrash anthem. Brilliant.

On A Whole, this album is a spectacular revival of Bridgend’s own Bullet For My Valentine.


Tracks To Download: Fever, A Place Were You Belong, Alone

For Fans Of: Trivium, Bless the Fall, kill hannah

Thank you for reading through my review, it took a while to write.

So as a thanks here’s the bonus track, The Last Fight Acoustic For You To Download:

Music Courtesy of Electric Audio

An Update / The Magibon Project

This Blog Post Is Set Up In 2 Parts;
For those of you who check my blog regularly you will find that I haven’t posted in the past two weeks.
When your time comes for work you must answer the call!
And besides I think I well deserved an overdue vacation.

Well what have I been up to the past coming weeks?
Well Its been very hot lately!

So This month you will see blogs such as;

– Part 2 Of; You Are Not Anonymous
– Part 2 Of; Things To Do On GTA IV
– Part 2 Of; 18 Ways To Be A Bastard In Games
– Red Dead Redemption Review
– Fever Review

and of course much more…

Check back in the coming weeks…

So, onto part 2;

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Nothing much, just watch the link I posted

The Magibon Project


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