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18 Ways To be A Bastard In Games

May 29, 2010 1 comment

Ever thought to yourself, “I’m evil”? In-fact so evil that Im going to be a bastard in this game.

Here’s the first 3 ways to achieve your goal… More to come soon!

you evil bastard…

1. Fallout 3 – Anti-robbing

So, we establish;

pick pocketing: bad

give pocketing: Good

With barely 2 bottle caps to rub together, being the good Samaritan you can sneak gifts or presents into the pockets of fellow wastelanders. But this thread isn’t about being the perfect guy on fallout 3. Why not sneak frag grenades into the pockets of fellow wastelanders!!! Now it doesn’t matter if they don’t have 2 bottle caps to rub together because they don’t have 2 fingers to rub them together with.

2. Prototype – pedestrian leap of faith

For years the generous spider man games have let us scale the empire state building to let us stare in awe at the magnificent pixelated view. But if i wanted that i would of gone there myself. Prototype take it that one step further… by letting you lob pedestrians of the top!

I honestly don’t know what’s funnier.

The long grueling climb to the top with the squirming person in hand.

Or the anti-climax of watching them turn from a clump of struggling mass… to a tiny dot in the distance.

Bonus bastard points for using the glide ability to observe her decent close up…

3. Assassins Creed II – Arms for the poor

Threat of desynchronisation prevents Ezio from going stab happy on the population of Venice. However, there’s nothing in the Animus handbook about getting a guard to do it for you.

Find a witless peacekeeper with a hammer and stick him with the poison blade to get his arms a-flailing.

Now throw coins at his feet and watch the chaos unfold as the magpie AI forces nearby gentry to lunge for the shiny trinkets – straight into crazy’s hammer time.

Im sorry, this is pure evil… but so funny.


Crystal Castles – Crystal Castles (II)

Audio Tragedi Music Review

Crystal Castles – Crystal Castles (II) (2010)

Label: Fiction

Crystal Castles follow up to their debut album of the same name is nothing short of  period pains, with alice glass screaming around each track, making it quite difficult to listen to throughout. However I tried my best and here is an album review of “Crystal Castles II”.

On this attempt at an album, at least all the songs sound the different instead of the same constant drone of the last album, which don’t get me wrong is an altogether good album, but the songs sounded to slightly the same. This album has a fuller sound all be it still raw like their previous work.  “Baptism” screams brilliance with there technological sounds and quips, with the beat of Cath’s drums resounding as a healthy middle. You feel that they may of used to many glitch sounds; “Doe Deer” is a horrible head fuck, resounding out of both speakers that sound like they’re about to blow and “I am made of chalk” is no different, actually scaring me slightly. “Celestica” is the first song that I have actually heard her sing in, which suprises me to be quite good. But when “year of silence” is played you can tell that its not an imminent sound that they intend to keep throughout the album. “Vietnam” stands out as being the best song and sound on the track which brings a darker feel to the whole album. Darker than their last work is a definite plus, and their sound has matured more. “Birds” with all its brilliance is another favorite, with an excellent sample of a heavy guitar riff, mixing the electronic nu rave sound with a heavy metal sound and still not taking away their originality.

On a whole the album surprised me as being defiantly better than their previous work, and if they keep this up there is no reason why they can’t be hailed as a brilliant and innovative band of the next decade.

RATING: 6/10

SONGS TO DOWNLOAD: Vietnam, Birds, Intimate

FOR FANS OF: Heartsrevolution, Gaggle, MSTRKRFT


You Are Not Anonymous

May 19, 2010 1 comment

Im probably stepping on egg shells here with this blog post and for all my usual readers I apologize that i have not been on as much the past week. When duty calls and you have to re-decorate; it has to be done!

Getting back to the topic at hand… For those of you who don’t know of “Anonymous”; is a label and Internet meme adopted within Internet culture to represent the actions of many online community users acting anonymously, usually toward a loosely agreed-upon goal. It is generally considered to be a blanket term for members of certain Internet subcultures.

But I don’t just mean the stupid label. I mean in general, no matter what you do you won’t be anonymous on the internet. Which is also becoming truer in life, as shown above.

Safe surfing is all about minimizing your profile, your identity trail, you details online as you surf on the internet. Every connection you make is recorded by your ISP. The time at which you connected, the length of time spent online etc. Every site you visit using IE or firefox; opera or safari and google chrome, will also record your laptops or your computers IP address.

When you access the website again, your browser sends that information back to the website, so it can know that you have been there before and know what information you looked at previously. This has a marketing use, as websites can build up a profile of your buying habits and tailor banner adverts to your interests. This also means that anyone that uses your computer with you knows exactly what websites you have visited.

This isn’t a normal blog post for me but I gave it a shot.

Check back in the coming weeks for new blog post; How To Become Anonymous

Listening to:

This Boy’s In Love – The Presets


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Audio Tragedi 10 Tracks to Hear this week [16/05/2010]

1. Bullet For My Valentine – Fever

Maybe its the fact I love bullet, regardless of that i think you should agree that this song is momentous. The fast but catchy riff, the incredibly graceless lyrics. Everything about this song fits perfectly.

You can read my full review of the whole new album “fever” in the next few weeks!

2. Foals – Miami

This song is so out of place its incredible, the bass is what makes this song sound so out of place. And I love it! The little guitar hooks the latino style of the drums. This misfit song is perfect., in every way.

You can read my full track by track review of “full life forever” next month!

3. Projected Twin – White Wedding (Cover)

Our own drum tutor Slabop recommended this for our tracks to hear. Im loving the vocals on this, very powerful, in turn ; making the song more powerful than it is originally, the solo inbetween catches me completely and incredibly of guard. Their album is out soon, and i am currently remixing one of their other songs. Lets see if we don’t see him return to my blogs very soon!



4. Kids In Glass Houses ft. Frankie Sandford – Undercover Lover

You have to admire this song, its simple and to the point. This is why kids in glass houses are in my opinion one of the best pop punk bands out there right now. Frankie just adds to the admiralty.

5. Lynyrd Skynyrd ft. Rob Zombie – Floyd

My love for southern rock shows in this song, the slide effect on this song is incredibly catchy however typical it might be in a country song like this one And with zombie added to the mix this song is a chunk of the slow life.

6. BlessTheFall – Hey Baby, Heres The Song You Wanted

This song, from beginning to end is brilliantly. You can’t really credit me for calling it brilliant but let me explain. All of the guitar hooks. Add in the synth effect with it and you have got yourself a new wave hardcore band.

7. Crystal Castles – Vietnam

Wether its the ominous and rather scary drone of alice glass’ voice. Or the sounding of complete hopelessness. This song couldn’t not be on my playlist this week. It definetly paints a picture and if the songs title tells me anything on what this song entails; then i know exactly what picture its painting.

You can read my full review of Crystal Castles new album soon!

8. Lady Gaga – Poker Face (LLG vs GLG Remix)

You have to listen to this song to realize its potential. And when its lady gaga that just makes it that much better…

9. Brigade – Magneto

I know, I know. This song is about to years old, but when you go to dust of your collection you forget how good some of the old classics are. The continuos onslaught of the guitar and of course simpson jr. signature vocals makes the track.

10. Beyonce – Why Don’t You Love Me

Forget everything you think you know about Beyonce. Sasha Fierce is gone, the ‘survivor’ is no more. Now we’re left with BB Homemaker. Backed by funk-pop beats, she wails with bunny boiler aplomb, “Why don’t you love me?”, proving she’s just as messed-up as the rest of us. She just looks better.

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You Me At Six – Hold Me Down

May 10, 2010 2 comments

Audio Tragedi Music Review

You Me At Six – Hold Me Down (2010)

Label: Virgin, Epitaph

See we have a problem with bands like this; they have a good catchy rhythm to them, lyrically brilliant… But I could be saying exactly the same thing about every other new wave punk rock band thats come out in the past four years. But lets forget that You Me At Six sound like other bands, lets look at this album standing on its own, as an original piece of music. You need to have a hearing problem if you don’t like the sound of “Underdog”, with its big leads and bigger than life chorus. A typical story is the album on a whole sounds like one big prepubescent cry for help. Their next single “liquid confidence” sounds like its been taken straight out a glee episode with the backing vocals. You made your points about your lady friends in “Take of your colours” why not leave it at that? To be honest if I was to try and sell this album i would sell it as “Take Of Your Colours Part 2”. I would rather you spend your money on their debut than this album, as the new material is simply not new, at least with colours the sound was fresh back then. Accidental Infidelity is to damn good a song to pass up however, having said that, YMAS need to go back to the drawing board, forget about trying to connect with your audience with songs about partying and girls, as you did that in your last album and you connected well. In my conclusion this album is great, its catchy. But i would not waste my time in buying it when they have a perfectly good album that sounds just like this in 2008.

RATING: 4/10

For Fans Of: Kids In Glass Houses, Boys Like Girls, Forever The Sickest Kids

Songs To Download: Underdog, Accidental Infidelity, Trophy Eyes